Ears decorations

In this article, we will focus on earrings. 

Earrings are one of the accessories that can complement any stylish suit, dress, or become an independent bright accent the whole your fashion look. To wear earrings, as is well known, it is necessary to pierce holes in the ear lobes. But today we will tell you about all the ear jewelry, which are not always "require sacrifice" from its bearer). 

Few people know, but it is declared historical fact that the earrings especially men's jewelry, but not for women, as it was accepted in the modern world. Even Russian Knights until the twelfth century, one of the ears pierced to wear it "Odinets". It's such a Earring, which is shaped like a ring. On this ring attached one strip - suspension. Usually with a stone.

If there were two suspensions, these earrings were called dvoychatki, if the three - Triad.

Earrings with pendants in the shape of animals, also had its name in Russia. So were the earrings Orlik, who had the suspension in the form of birds; earrings-had stuffed the suspension in the form of dove and turtledove.

 Earrings feathers suitable for ethnic and shamanic clothing.

feather earing

Old Slavonic amulet earrings lunnitsy. These earrings made in the shape of a crescent, facing down. Often a crescent made with three horns. Lunnitsy enhance feminine.

Earrings stud earrings is so small that typically pierce the ear by means of handgun.

Earrings, chandeliers (they are also earrings girandole) look like upside-down candlestick (candelabrum) on three or more candles.

Ear - rings never go out of fashion. This simple elegant decoration accentuate your sense of style combined with a dress above the knee! For long dresses, I would advise earrings tassels.
Earring - Cuff is worn on the ear, all from the top or from the sides and clamped like "hugs" the ear. To wear Cuff do not need pierced ears, so they are very popular among young fashionistas.

Ear cuff also often connected with an earring, which is inserted in the pierced lobe.These earrings create a feeling of weightlessness and does an important focus of the entire fashion look when you choose hair combed to one side.Usually Cuff is mono earring and worn only on the one ear.

Clips - these decorations on the earlobe, which have a clamping mechanism, like a clothespin. The main advantage of the clip is that you do not have pierced ears.

There is another kind of ear ornaments worn by men. Such "earrings" are held on the magnet and does not injure lobe punctures.

Tunnels are such big holes in the ear lobes, even when part of it is cut to the skin to pull the tunnel.


How to fall in love with a man with the help of the ears. Learning to care, emphasize and decorate them.

Most women underestimate the potential of their ears at seducing men and therefore do not give them enough attention. Maximum - a pair of earrings, which are most often it distracts attention from the beautiful shell twists and small delicate lobes. And in vain! Beautiful ears catch the eye of the opposite sex, fascinate them as much glitter eye or the body bends. Beautiful ears can bewitch a man, like a love potion. Beautiful ears can fall in love with!


How to ensure that your ears have become a weapon that can slay the men on the spot? Of course, you need to start with the care. It is necessary to clean your ears at least twice a week, and this applies to more than the ear canal, where the accumulated sulfur.

The shell should be cleaned every morning, as it is always in sight. Use a cotton swab to clean the inside bends of the ear, and a cotton pad to "polish" their visible part. Your ears should shine! Clean the holes in the ears, at least once every two weeks. Do not forget to remove the earrings at night to rest your lobes.

In winter, always keep your ears warm. Beware of the wind - the main source of danger for the membranes. Ear Disease - a very unpleasant thing, which at the time would deprive you not only hearing, but also good mood.

We emphasize.

Your ears should be visible all the time, if not, then at least at the moment, when you are trying to "knock down spot 'your beau. And it concerns not only lobes and earringsin them. Demonstrates the pinnaLet a man appreciate the shape of your ears, get acquainted with their original features, such as the pointed ends or pinkish color.
What difficult to decorate your ears? Simply insert the beautiful earrings.
This is not true! To make the ears brilliance and originality, you need to carefully and tastefully approach the selection of jewelry. Choose earrings should be given own external data.
Girls with small ears, big earrings are recommended, and it can be transparent round earrings with a bright pattern. Girls with large protruding ears is recommended to wear stud earrings. A good option can serve several different earrings, such as large rings and studs for them.
When choosing jewelry, consider your hair color and hairstyle. This is the most important rule, because the earrings will always be in millimeters of your hair, and the man would notice if earrings are suitable for them or not. Black hair and brown-haired need to use bright colors earrings with green or red stones or jewelery in an unusual bright sutazh technology. Select by blondes - studs with shiny stones in them.
Take care of your ears, emphasize their beauty, well decorate and you will be able to charm any man, make him fall in love with you ... or, at least, in your ears.
History of Grunge style

The appearance in the 90 years of the twentieth century on podiums of the new trend in fashion - style "grunge" can be compared to a bomb blast that shook the foundations of fashion. It all started with a new collection of designer Marc Jacobs, where all the models differed quite strange "homeless" view. Clothing worn look - things wrinkled, sometimes with lacunae and abrasions. The impression was that it was found on some attic where nobody wanted lain for many years.

However, despite the fact that the scandalous collection shocked the society, it was a resounding success. The new style, called "grunge" became extremely popular among young people. And no wonder - the young has always been a peculiar show rebelliousness, to protest against the ordinary, boring reject rules that impose the society.

I must say that after a provocative collection of Marc Jacobs grunge was officially recognized as a new style in fashion. But for itself arose earlier - at the same time with the new direction of the music, which bore the same name. Therefore musician rock band "Nirvana" Kurt Cobain can be considered the "father" of this style.

The main features of the wardrobe in grunge style - the clothes look as if bought in second-hand stores. View from things overlaundered and sloppy. Pants and shirt wrinkled, elongated sweater, as if after a long wearing. But the "highlight" style is that it all - only an appearance. In fact, all things are new, expensive and of excellent quality. Clothing artificially grow old. Cross-linked materials it is subjected to special treatment. Clothing and shoes decorated with metal rivets. Often the edges are not filed with the protruding threads.

Lovers of this style is very popular voluminous, baggy things - sweaters, T-shirts, as if someone else's shoulder. Grunge does not recognize the bright colors. Welcome muted, calm tones. Especially popular are the flannel plaid shirt, worn with jeans lacunae, rough leather jackets that can perfectly be combined with unexpectedly light flowered dresses.

It is necessary to warn that you can not dress up just to the old, untidy clothes and look in the grunge style. Visibility of negligence - this is just a game, the external effect. All clothing is clean and new. Despite the apparent plainness, the ensemble in this style should be carefully selected.

From footwear grunge style fans prefer sneakers, rough army boots, Timberland, which are even with skirts made of light, air materials. 

Each fashion look must complement the hairstyle, make-up and accessories. Hairstyle in grunge style in any case should not be intricate. Suit sloppy haircut or long flowing hair slightly tousled. For make-up is used only natural palette. Excluded sequins, bright lipstick and shadows. Makeup may be absent. Accessories in this style is almost not there.

Grunge style, which did not seem to notice the fashion trends, completely ignoring them - a real find for people who are tired of business or glamorous style, who want to relax and unwind. After all, grunge important - convenience, the followers of this style is not interested in the opinions of others.

What a pleasant feeling - to be free of restrictions and prohibitions! Finally, you can sneer at fashion and on themselves, free from stereotypes. At the same time, dressed in grunge style, you can perfectly express your individuality.


How to choose jewelry in classic dress code.

A true woman does not leave the house without jewelry, especially when she goes to work.

Trend jewelry office has changed dramatically over the last decade: in fashion now the unusual contrasting combinations of various materials in jewelry design ceased to prevail modest geometric shapes. Nevertheless, the combination of jewelery - an art that requires a certain experience.

Here are some important rules for the right combination of decorations for a woman - office worker:

1. Between the extravagance and eccentricity there is a fine line, so a business suit is appropriate thin choker, not more than a couple of rings, small earrings. It is important to combine their style with the dress, which they complement. Also, do not wear at the same time semi-precious stones, pearls and imitation ivory.

2. If the metal plating of your accessories - extremely cold tones, the garments business, choose the warm and bright colors, such as beige, orange, mustard. Avoid shades of blue and gray, otherwise you will look too monotone. But these colors are very fortunate with gold jewelry.

3. The rules of the dress code are allowed to wear multiple bracelets when they are in harmony with each other. For example, bracelets and the same width of the same metal.

4. Brooches, necklaces or earrings - important accessories that transform even mundane outfit, making it original. However, the combination of two large decorations at the same time - brooches and earrings - is not desirable, should choose one thing. On the lapel of a business suit, especially with large buttons or embroidery on the pockets, appropriate small elegant brooch, without large stones.

5. You can decorate a strict dress brooch. It is better positioned below the shoulder line.

Available buttons on the dress rule out as a brooch and necklace.
Large zipper on sweater sporty too incompatible with the necklace. In all these cases it is better to prefer thin chain without pendant.

6. The combination of golden beads, colored enamel and leather in a necklace or pendant - designer chic, but such unique products, more eclectic, too, can successfully be worn to work. Choosing exotic designer bracelet or necklace, consider what clothes will fit them best.

If such an accessory is small in size and not full of complex color combinations, wear solid color pants suit or business "deuce" - a jacket and skirt of dark or light pastel colors; jewelry with colored enamel looks perfect with lacquered handbag and belt.

Beaded necklace

 At all times, jewelry has been a place of honor in a woman's wardrobe. With these additional decorative details created the desired fashion look emphasizes elegance. One of the most popular elements of the decor were jewelry of beads. After all, from beaded necklaces gave woman unique shape, elegance, femininity and romance. However, this beautiful jewelry is very capricious lady.

 You can use it as the highlight of all the advantages and fundamentally damage the appearance, if picked up by a bad version of the beads. A lover of jewelry from beads should know how and what you need to wear a beaded necklace.

Types of beads.

In appearance, a necklace of beads vary in length, shape and size of the beads, style, color combination and the embodiment of wearing. The choices are so many, it all depends on the dress and activities, to which selected this jewelry. Also it is necessary to consider the age of owner. Short thread "by the throat" of the cultured pearl is best suited to young women or young girls.

The shape and size of the beads.

Option classic - round beads. However, the modern design idea worldwide demonstrate a variety of original versions of the triangular, square, and other shapes. Chubby women with large breasts fit necklace of small beads and ladies slim fit massive beads. Creativity and originality of the image emphasize the abstract shapes of beads.


The most demanded beads length -. 40-50 cm They fit just any dress, because a loose-fitting neck. Medium version -. 55-70 cm ends at chest level. Depending on the depth of neckline of the dress beads should not touch clothes. Necklace length 90 cm. Ends below the chest, and is not only suitable for very deep cuts and worn over the dress. This evening variant beads. They can tie a knot or a few times to wrap around the neck, if it will have a nice view.


1. The color scheme of beads should depend on the type of female appearance and well combined with the color of clothing. Important to wear beads - they must be different colors with the clothes, or even the one with which they come into contact. For example, if the beads and the skirt of the same color, it will be a good combination, right under one condition - shirt to be different from them. It is necessary to consider harmony of color combinations: a ridiculous kind of dress will have blue or green in color with bright red beads. Beads may be identical in color with other elements in the image of the lady. It can be gloves, shoes, hair accessories, handbag, even lipstick or nail polish.

2. When choosing a color beads an important role should be played individual external quality: brunettes suit classic - white, black, red beads. Light-skinned and fair-haired - soft, pastel shades, and brown hair will look spectacular beads made of brown and golden "stones".

To what clothes fit beads.

It is best to look beads combined with knitted models, ranging from dresses and patterned to sleeveless with thin-shirts or turtleneck bodysuit. Beads can be worn with blouses, but provided with a harmonious combination of style. With an elegant silk dress looks fine short thin thread beads subtly emphasizing the neckline. It should be noted that the necklaces of beads you can choose any style from vintage to the business. Very rarely, but still there are exceptions, for example, a decoration of beads is absolutely out of place in jeans, sports, and other styles.


Bow sklavazh is a small necklace in the form of a bow, decorated with precious stones. Sklavazh made of several rows of pearl chains or tapes. This decoration fits closely to the neck, like a slave collar. After all, the word sklavazh comes from the French word l'esclave, which means - a prisoner.

Velvet ribbon is velvet jewelry on his neck, on which usually wear a beautiful pendant. Currently velvet ribbon worn by the goth.

Bayadere is a type of necklace in the form of weaving several strands of pearls of different colors.

 Broda - tissue embroidered collar beads with a fringe of beads and stones.

Beads - a neck decoration, consisting of threaded on a string of beads, stones and other small natural (grain, wood, resin, shells, bones) or decorative materials (egpolymer clay, glass, plastic).
Tie is a strip of fabric that is fastened on the neck. Women now take over all at men, and as decorations appeared such as the beaded tie.
Bow tie is a type of ordinary tie. its feature is that knotted tie a bow. Worn a tie with an elastic band or clasp.
Gerdan originally Ukrainian word (Old Russian analogue - Gaitan) is a broad long ribbon that is worn over the head and is connected on the chest and on which in ancient times were amulet, icon, or pectoral cross. Width Gaitan reached in Russia up to 10 centimeters, Gaitan decorated with beads, stones. This decoration is worn on the chest, but the longest part of a suspension may be down on his back. Currently, Gerdau made in the form of a rectangle with the beaded pendants.
Hryvnia (neck) is a decoration in the form of a hoop rigid structure, often without buckles as tight ends go back to each other and tightly hold the hryvnia on the neck. Hryvnia made of bronze, silver and gold. Modern hryvnia is tough rounded tape on a chain.
Jabot is initially shirts or dress neck decoration lace frill, which descends from the neck down the chest.
Vampires in films and in reality Goths are very fond of such things. They believe that this is an indication of their antiquity and gentility. Nowadays jabot becoming popular from materials such as satin ribbons, lace, light fabric and beads. Nothing changes, in general)
Medical tow. This subject, seemingly designed to tighten the arms or legs to stop the bleeding, managed to make a modern decoration too.
The tow aka the cord or lariat (or another noose or wild lasso), which tightened around the neck by pulling the rope) beadholics loved all over the world. The tow can be fully closed, and lariat mainly made with two brushes at the ends and it have not clasp. Lariat crochet, weave beads, tie multiple nodes. It can be worn in several rows around the neck or as a bracelet. In general, such a universal decoration. I recommend)
Collard (Kollar) - a male kind of necklace. It was worn by men in positions of authority and have a high status in society. Classic Collar consists of a chain and a suspension in the middle, such suspension can be such award or medal. Word Collard also translated as "collar", but this is a kind of female decoration on the neck.
Necklace is a decoration on the neck may be with suspensions.
Types of necklaces:
1) bib necklace 
2) Necklace collar can sew to the dress or top dressing as an independent jewelry.
3) scarf necklace
4) Necklace-Collar is a strip of cloth or several rows of beads, which are firmly on the neck like an animal collar.
5) Collier-sotuar is a long chain, which hangs suspension .. remember rap videos ...
Such decoration is intended to emphasize the casual style of its wearer. Sotuar also called "dancing decoration", as he hangs out somewhere in the navel and dancing together with its owner. Now the word is associated with sotuar rope with beads on the front of the clasp that something is suspended.
Pendant is a small piece of jewelry that is suspended on a chain.
Medallion is a decoration in the form of pop-up flat pendant on a chain.
Inside the medallion could insert a picture or put a small amulet.
Monist is a necklace of coins, it can be manufactured in several rows.
Oplech'e wear around the neck, and due to its size covers the shoulders. A sort of sprawling collar.
Initially, it was a major decoration for the royal ladies, embroidered with stones and pearls protection shoulders.
Torkves - a Celtic warriors decoration that emphasizes the muscles of the neck. Also torkves could be worn on the arm, across the chest or waist. Torkves traditionally purely metallic jewelery (bronze, precious metals).
Rosary is only rarely used as jewelry, their main purpose is the calculation made by ritual actions (such as the number of prayers or mantras). They are made of natural stones, plants, seeds, but more popular are the beads are made of wooden beads. In ancient times, rosaries were made simply of rope, tying knots on it.
Choker is a classic single-row beads. In the first place for men. Or the beads and a lace firmly seated on the neck with any decoration.
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Soutache machinery
Soutache technique is considered one of the most difficult in the world of crafts.
Soutache fabric is a flexible cord (two twisted harness, connected to each other in the middle), with which you can do a variety of twists, knots, braid beads and natural stones. The exact repeat of already created products is virtually impossible, every job in Soutache technique is unique and requires a laborious work.
Example decorations soutache technology. It has created more than 60 masters of Poland and Italy. Each one element. The idea belongs to the Polish decorations Needlewoman Evelyn.
Soutache earlier embroidering on finished clothes, and now in addition to embroidery, it is used for edging curtains, creating patterns on the bags and the creation of jewelry. Embroider clothes for Soutache is quite simple, you need only select a picture, put it on the cloth, lay soutache on drawing and sew it can be on the sewing machine. Thus decorated with things that are worn out or have become out of fashion.
Soutache jewelry has become very popular due to qualities such as iridescence, creating complex patterns, limited only by imagination of the customer and the Masters.
Sheathe soutache cord can be beads, natural stones, so anything you can sheathe)) Someone soutache decorations seem very massive, but in fact they are very light and comfortable to wear.
Now in Baragozka authors jewelry store  you can order soutache bracelets by Master - Seleana. All products are made very carefully. On the back of each ornament is decorated with a piece of leather.
Weaving's Mail

Metal and man, cold and heat, hardness and brittleness different matter, seeking each other.

Why the man from time immemorial sought metal, why he wants to own it all the time and wants to carry it on himself? I will not go into the jungle of historical research and primitive tools, for myself, I answer these questions below.

Metals, and I mean now is not the precious (gold, silver, etc.), and for example, such as iron and steel give protection to man, give firmness of character. People are hesitant, soft and low-density selected decorations from natural materials such as wood. But when they want to become more serious, and confident in the eyes of others, always wear metal rings and chains.

Today my article about this .. it would seem unrelated to the decorations of the ancient protective clothing called "Mail". It is a species of ringed armor, armor that is made of a plurality of identical rings. In fact it is a network of rings, which protects the human body from injuries with cold steel.

In modern times chainmail used reenactors medieval battles, costume designers in various reel of film and theater productions.

Nowadays decorations in the technique of creation of chain mail - "Weaving's Mail" is becoming more and more popular among lovers of unusual author's articles. In this technique you can make belts, bracelets, earrings, pendants and necklaces, which are characterized by their strength and wear durability.

Weave in this technique is very time-consuming process that makes each decoration exclusive. It is no accident in the modern jewelry industry is not a single machine, which would be subservient this technique. Therefore, each ornament can be created only Masters hands.

Now in our online store, you can choose bracelets copyrights in such a rare technique of weaving Chain Master Jury Kursky.

A perfect gift for today's knight!

Ceramic dishes with milk firing.

Ceramic pottery (after their creation) for strength calcined in a special furnace at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius (1652 Fahrenheit).

To use pottery in daily life, after her usual firing, it is fired with milk already at a lower temperature.
For this ceramic product falls completely into the milk and baked in a furnace at a temperature of usually 300 to 400 degrees Celsius (572-752 degrees Fahrenheit).

This allows you to plug the pores of the ceramic product, so they do not pass and do not absorb water and are suitable for hot and cold drinks or food. This combination of natural ingredients such as ceramics and milk produce completely ecological product.

 In our store you can order the author's ceramic goods handmade. Such as clocks, mugs, different fridge magnets, interior figurines and plates.

If we talk about the pottery suitable for drinking, which have been additional milk firing, each cup and a plate are unique created. The work is done by hand only Master, without a potter's wheel. This primarily means that to make the exact same product is not possible and each of them is copyrighted.


A little about the rules of the use of such pottery in the home:

1) Wash pottery handmade using only mild detergents without abrasive components.

2) After washing it must be dried out before further use.

3) We also do not recommend pottery subjected to sudden temperature changes. For example do not put directly from the cellar in the oven (or the refrigerator to the oven)).

Heating and cooling is best done gradually.

4) And finally quote Master katart about the use of her ceramic works in daily life: "Do not drop, love and care")


What is the cubic zirconia and why it's not a zircon or a zirconium, as many people think.

In English online jewelry stores commonly referred called the stone Cubic Zirconia, but in Russia it called Fianit.

His name fianit received the first letters of the organization, which was the first to synthesize this material in 1970 (Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union).

Actually Physics Institute aims to create a crystal that in its properties could be an active medium for the laser. Instead, the resulting material, that caused a storm of indignation in the jewelry industry environment because of its resemblance to a diamond and a significant low cost in comparison with them.

 Fianit grown in the laboratory in the form of crystals. Color cubic zirconia can be very different, it depends on the additives that are added during the growth of the crystal. And you can make it any shape and size.

 In connection with its artificial origin, cubic zirconia is easy to imitate natural precious stones, as it can be painted in any color. That's what he loved to jewelers all countries. Also, there are cubic zirconia and natural counterpart, called tyazheronit.

Currently, this stone is very popular with jewelers and jewelery manufacturers. Jewelry with cubic zirconia can be found on our website, for example, here is a ring.

This article was written by russian native girl with help of google translate. And I know that there are many mistakes and my writing English is not well. Please, native english-speaking guys, help me to become better. Wright me some comments and I try fix (or revise)) all of my mistakes.

Love you, Elania.