When registering in the shop (or when ordering without registration) Buyer provides the following information about yourself: name, email address, phone number, login to access the online store, as well as the address, if necessary, to deliver the goods.

Seller uses the information received from the Purchaser:

• Buyer registration in the shop;
• to fulfill its obligations to the Purchaser;
• for assessment and analysis of Internet shop;
• to determine the winner in the shares held by the Seller.

Seller shall not disclose information received from the Purchaser.

It is not considered a violation of disclosure obligations in accordance with the valid and applicable requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation.

Seller may use cookies technology. (Cookies -. Service information sent by a web server to the user's computer, to save the browser is used to store data specific to the user, and used web server for different purposes). Cookies do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

Seller receives information about ip-address (a unique identifier of the device, connected to the local network and / or Internet) site visitors. This information is used to identify the visitor.

Seller is not responsible for information provided by the buyer on the site in an accessible form.